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Learn with us - language courses in Helsinki

Kieliavain Language Centre offers multiple language courses including Finnish for Foreigners, Swedish, English, French, Spanish and German courses. The courses include language and culture training and are suitable for companies and for private individuals.

The training is always planned in cooperation with the customer on the basis of needs analyses and a placement test. Because all of our courses are individualised to the participants, with us you will learn to use the language in a varied and relaxed manner in situations that are relevant to you.

We believe the best way to learn a language is to have a go at using it and communicating with it – and that´s what you`ll have a chance to do on our courses! Our mission is to help you communicate with the world utilising excellent language and cultural skills.

Kieliavain Language Centre is a family business that has provided friendly and caring language and communication training for more than 40 years. All our teachers have academic qualifications and versatile experience in adult education. Our teachers’ extensive experience in language training, together with their expertise in teaching languages for specific purposes, are guaranteed to produce optimal learning results.

Contact us for our free training consultation and we will help you choose the training format that suits you best and helps you develop your knowledge, skills and confidence to use the language in the best possible way. The consultation is free of charge and doesn´t oblige you.

"Because we work in research & development and with startups, learning new things is always exciting and fun. With the help of Kieliavain we are able to do all this and much much more."


We offer:

  • Private language training
  • Intensive courses
  • Open groups
  • Online-training
  • Translations